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Formal Dress Necklines

The neckline on your Formal Dress is a very important feature – it can really change the shape of the dress and accentuate your shape. It’s also the part of the dress that draws attention to your face. Of course, the neckline you choose depends on the overall style of your dress, but here’s a quick guide to the most common Formal Dress necklines.

Sweetheart Sweetheart

A low-cut neckline shaped like the top half of a heart, it can be sleeveless or with straps or sleeves – it’s very flattering to almost every woman.

Bateau Bateau

This wide-necked shape follows the curve of the collarbone, almost to the tip of the shoulders. The Sabrina version - made popular by actress Audrey Hepburn - is sleeveless and has a slightly squarer shape. This is a good style if you have small boobs but not so flattering if you have a large bust.

coop coop

Also known as a ballerina neckline, this deep U-shaped style is often cut low and sometimes the scoop will continue on the back of the dress, which is quite sexy! It’s a great style for everyone but as always a good bra can make or break this style.

V-neck V-neck

A great neckline if you want to minimize a big bust, the V-neck style also elongates the neck and highlights the bust. Be careful with this neckline if you have a small bust as this style could make you look smaller.

Square Square

As the name suggest, this neckline is square shaped and cut straight across the front. It's quite good if you have a medium to large bust, but if you're very big, be careful with this style. A pretty good neckline for almost everyone.

Halter Halter

The halter neckline is effortlessly chic. It's usually a square neckline with straps that secure around the neck rather than those over the shoulders and sometimes is backless. It's a good neckline for an athletic figure and someone who have small or medium boobs. Be ware of this style if you have a large bust or have broad shoulders and big arms.

Off-the-shoulder Off-the-shoulder

This neckline sits below or just on the shoulders, with very short cap-like sleeves that cover part of the upper arm. This is a beautiful, refined neckline and great for pear shapes as it balances out your silhouette. If you have wide shoulders, this is a style that should be avoided as it'll make you look broader.

Strapless Strapless

This is really just a bodice with no straps – hence the name! It's a gorgeous neckline and very popular. However, it's a difficult style to wear if you have big boobs but with really great underwear and a good seamstress. The only downside to a strapless neckline is that you have to have perfect, flawless skin as it's showing off a lot of flesh.

Spaghetti strap Spaghetti strap

This neckline is really pretty and delicate, almost a strapless style except for very thin straps. This is a great neckline for a simple dress style and good for a beach or casual wedding. Not so great if you have a big bust, wide shoulders and big arms.

Asymmetrical Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical means there is no symmetry or no balance. So this neckline appears differently on either side, in other words, it's a one-shoulder-style neckline. It's really modern and chic and if the bodice is well cut and fitted can suit most body shapes, although if you have a large bust. Bear in mind that you'll have to wear a strapless bra.

High collar High collar

A band-style collar that covers the neck. It’s a style that’s also called Mandarin that’s taken from traditional Asian dress. Some Mandarin collars have a little cut out V or a slight overlap of fabric at the front. If you have a small bust this is a great neckline for you and works well with an updo hairstyle.